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Authors and Contributing


This document builds on a lot of excellent prior work by numerous authors. A list of the essential references used in the creation of this framework can be found here.

The authors of the content on this website as at January 27 2023 are listed below. The order is roughly based on the level of direct contributions to the document. While the list is updated periodically to reflect the state of contributions to the document, a more up-to-date list of contributors can always be found on Github. The initial commits by Peter Robinson were based on a Google Doc co-authored by Ermyas Abebe and Peter Robinson.

Name Preferred contact method Links
Ermyas Abebe Telegram
Peter Robinson Telegram
Arjun Chand Telegram
Mark Murdock Telegram
David Hyland-Wood Telegram

If you are interested in contributing please refer to the How to Contribute section of this document.

Management Committee

The management committee for this website / repo is shown below. Please use Telegram to contact them.

Name Affiliation Preferred contact method Links
Arjun Chand LI.FI Telegram
Ermyas Abebe - Telegram
Mark Murdock LI.FI Telegram
Max Klenk LI.FI Telegram
Peter Robinson - Telegram
Vaibhav Chellani Socket Telegram

Code of Conduct

The Crosschain Risk Framework community consists of its online presence in this website and associated GitHub repository. These outlets are managed by the Crosschain Risk Framework Management Committee, whose members are listed in the Management Committee section of this site.

We strive to be an open and inclusive community where anyone can contribute. Contributions should be judged on their own merits; we don’t care about your gender identity, race, political beliefs, age, or similar attributes.

If we see that one or more members of the community are generally abusive, harassing others, or seem to be trying to intimidate them into leaving the community, we will first ask those who are doing so to take a break from participation for a while. If you see any evidence of such activity, please let us know by contacting the Management Committee via Telegram.

How to Contribute

Development is done on GitHub in the repository.

To add content, request new features or report issues, please open an issue on GitHub.

To submit a patch, please open a pull request on GitHub. If you are thinking of making a large contribution, open an issue for it before starting work, to get comments from the community. Someone may be already working on the same thing, or there may be reasons why that feature isn't implemented.

To make it easier to review and accept your pull request, please follow these guidelines:

  • Anything other than a trivial contribution requires a Contributor License Agreement (CLA), giving us permission to use your code. If your contribution is too small to require a CLA (e.g. fixing a spelling mistake), place the text "CLA: trivial" on a line by itself separated by an empty line from the rest of the commit message. It is not sufficient to only place the text in the GitHub pull request description.

  • To amend a missing "CLA: trivial" line after submission, do the following:

    git commit --amend [add the line, save and quit the editor] git push -f

  • Patches should be as current as possible; expect to have to rebase often. We do not accept merge commits, you will have to remove them (usually by rebasing) before it will be acceptable.

  • Clean builds via GitHub Actions are required, and they are started automatically whenever a PR is created or updated.

Last update: October 13, 2023
Created: October 13, 2023